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Tržič seminar provides valuable insight for the upcoming live experiment

Following a dynamic capacity-building seminar titled "How might we revive historic towns through interventions in public spaces?" hosted by the REVIVE project, participants left with some very innovative ideas. 

Online capacity building  seminar exploring sustainable ideas for historic towns

Throughout history, historic towns have served as the heartbeats of civilizations, bearing witness to the flow of human existence.

Revive Bootcamps for Tržič ignite solutions for historic preservation

In a bid to tackle the complex challenges faced by historic towns and sites, two intensive bootcamps were recently convened as part of the Revive Projects first live experiment in Tržič. 

Young talents in full speed: Creativity in action

Right after their introduction to the project our team of young talents started working on a mission to breathe new life into historic towns and sites. Armed with creativity and eagerness, they are already making path with their innovative ideas...

Revive Project Workshop sets stage for innovative revitalization of historic sites

Split, Croatia - A key workshop for the Revive Project was held from February 5th – 7th gathering  project partners from six European Union countries (Slovenia, Finland, Italy, Romania, Spain and Croatia) to collaborate on the upcoming phases...

Open call for young talents

We are now looking for young talents to become part of creative teams for live experiments taking place this year in Slovenia from 30th of June until 14th of July and Finland from 30th of September to 14th of October 2024. 

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