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Starting June 30th, Tržič will host an exciting live experiment, aimed at revitalizing the historic courtyard of the Tržič Museum.

Over a period of two weeks, 14 young talents from six european countries will work together in this charming Slovenian town to collaborate on innovative ideas that breathe new life into this cultural landmark.


Current State and Historical Significance


Tržič, nestled in the foothills of the Karavanke mountains, is renowned for its rich tradition of craftsmanship and its protected cultural heritage. The Tržič Museum, housed in the historic Pollak Manor, plays a central role in preserving this legacy. However, the courtyard, while historically significant, is in need of revitalization to better serve the community and attract visitors.


The Vision and Objectives


The "REVIVE Tržič" project aims to transform the museum courtyard into a dynamic, multi-functional space that integrates cultural heritage with contemporary use. The vision is to create a creative cultural hub that balances historical preservation with modern functionality. 


The young talents have been working together since March, participating in bootcamps, consulting with project leaders and communicating with art directors and mentors. They have been using their Miro board for gathering and exchanging ideas, developing possible solutions and brainstorming through this preparation period. 


They came up with various different approaches in revitalising the Museum courtyard which they will analyse in Tržič and then implement the best ideas. 


Key elements of the revitalization plan include:


  1. Promoting Cultural Heritage

  2. Social and Cultural Inclusion

  3. Community Engagement


We will see how the young talents managed to tie together these elements and what is their answer to the challenges presented to them during the preparation period. 


The Experiment and Final Event


From June 30th to July 13th, participants will immerse themselves in the site, working together to develop and implement their ideas. This collaborative effort will culminate in a final event on July 11th, open to the public, where the young talents will present their innovative solutions.

The young creators of the REVIVE experiment in Tržič will have a introductory  get together with the residents of Tržič, local stakeholders and young people on the 1st of July. This will be an opportunity to  get to know each other, and exchange ideas and views on arranging the museum garden. 

Like this we will get a step closer to the goal of museum garden becoming an urban space for the community and thus contributing to the transformation of the old city centre in living space for new generations.


The final event on July 11th is a unique opportunity for the public and local stakeholders to witness the creative transformation of the Tržič Museum courtyard. Attendees will experience firsthand the innovative ideas and solutions proposed by the young talents, showcasing a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity.


Event Details:


Start Date: June 30th

End date: July 13th

Final Event: July 11th, open to the public

Location: Tržič Museum Courtyard


Don't miss this opportunity to engage with the future of Tržič's cultural heritage and witness the unveiling of a revitalized community space. Join us in celebrating creativity, collaboration, and cultural rejuvenation in the heart of Tržič.

You can find the entire agenda 

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