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Turku, Finland
September 29th - October 13th, 2024 

The former capital and the oldest city of Finland is located on the southwest coast at the mouth of the Aura River. The city with 195,000 population is officially bilingual; a part of population identify Swedish as a mother tongue. It was designated the European Capital of Culture in 2011.


The location of the experiment is the former rope factory and shipyard with surroundings (the so called Varvintori area). A distinctive 270 m long cableway was for a long time the longest building in the Nordic countries in which today the Turku Arts Academy is the main tenant along with the Turku Conservatory and housing association. The facade of the building will be used to explore and show how digital technologies can assist in building a sense of place through communication between architecture and community, its past,present and future. 

Objective: Use of video mapping on the outer part of the longest building in Turku as a new approach to the revival of industrial heritage (what used to happen in the building will become visible on its outside) – the intervention will connect the past and present and engage the local people to reflect on it.

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