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Young minds in action in historic centre of Tržič in Slovenia

Only a few days is left till the arrival of 14 young academics from Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Croatia, Italy and Finland to Tržič, Slovenia.

In the two weeks long creative visit from June 30th to July 13th dedicated to the revitalization of the courtyard of the Museum in Tržič the young people from different areas of work  such as architecture, photography, visual arts , sociology will put the effort together with the partner support team and Municipality of Tržič in order to transform the lacklustre courtyard situated near the Museum Tržič into a space that will become alive and vibrant spot for the visitors and locals alike where the history embraces the today.

The programme of two-week stay was designed in the manner that the visit will be as efficient as possible in order to make some lasting changes. The programme will start with the get together of young co-creators of the REVIVE experiment with the residents of Tržič, local stakeholders and young people on the of July. This will be an opportunity to get to know each other, and exchange ideas and views on arranging the museum garden. Like this we will get a step closer to the goal of museum garden becoming an urban space for the community and thus contributing to the transformation of the old city centre in living space for new generations.

You want to see the place which will inspire our young talents? Check the video!

You can find the entire program

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