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Revive Project Workshop Sets Stage for Innovative Revitalization of Historic Sites

Split, Croatia - A key workshop for the Revive Project was held from February 5th – 7th gathering  project partners from six European Union countries (Slovenia, Finland, Italy, Romania, Spain and Croatia) to collaborate on the upcoming phases. The meeting aimed to prepare for the next stages of the project and to select young talents for the upcoming live experiments in Tržič, Slovenia and Turku, Finland.


Discussions and workshops revolved around strategic planning, the exchange of creative ideas and experiences, as well as the implementation of the live experiments. The collaborative atmosphere was charged with a shared commitment to lay down the groundwork as best as possible in order to produce impactful results.  


A key highlight of the workshop was the selection process of  young talents who will play an important role in the project's first two live experiments. These experiments are designed to represent practical applications of the project's vision and will serve as benchmarks for success. The young talents, chosen for their specific skills, will be at the center of the creative process. 


As the workshop in Split concluded, all participants left inspired and with a clear vision of what was coming next. 


The Revive Project is designed to preserve Europe's historic environments while making them relevant and engaging for today's society. The project seeks to demonstrate how collaboration and innovation can lead to the sustainable development of cultural heritage sites.

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