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First week of designing and experimenting in Tržič Museum

 The REVIVE project is off to an exceptional start, with the initial experiment already proving successful from day one. The carefully selected team and the three talented art directors have surpassed expectations.


Exploration and Initial Work


On Monday, the young team visited the old town, thoroughly studying every corner of the museum, its garden, and the abandoned sun house. They split into three groups based on their interests and professions:


1. Museum Garden Master Plan: Led by Vid, this group focused on developing the master plan for the museum garden.

2. Sun House Restoration: Under Mercedes' guidance, this team worked on reviving the empty sun house near the garden.

3. Social-Artistic Group: Andreja led the third group, focusing on social and artistic aspects.


In the afternoon, the team shared their indicative work plans and concepts with over 15 local stakeholders, including cultural NGOs, senior and youth organizations, and municipal management. This meeting allowed the young team to verify their ideas and arrange specific interviews, visits, and events with individual stakeholders.


Collaboration and Daily Routine


The three groups are based in the Tržič museum, with the first two groups sharing a room and the third group in a separate space. They enjoy an inspiring creative environment, supported by the museum staff with information, materials, and local food surprises. Daily briefings at 8:30 AM and debriefings at 6:00 PM ensure that the concepts from all three groups complement each other.


The young participants are dedicated, hardworking, and enthusiastic about contributing to the revitalization of the garden and Tržič's historic town. They appreciate the multidisciplinary teamwork, generating new ideas every day.


Midweek Activities


Throughout the week, the team conducted several interviews, both pre-arranged and spontaneous, with local citizens who were welcoming and easy to engage with. The mayor and municipal staff visited the teams to review their progress. The social group held a workshop with the youth group from the youth center, drawing their visions for the museum garden.


Christian captured many photos, videos, and documentary and art films/images during the process and street interviews. Artists Ela and Petrina designed a proposal for an installation in the garden and began collecting materials with Andrea's support. The architects moved from conceptual ideas to master plans and 3D designs, and by Friday, initial designs were ready, allowing Vid to start negotiating with craftsmen and sourcing materials.


 Local Exploration and Learning


On Friday, most of the team visited a local lady, Irma, in her exemplary garden to learn about traditional and authentic herbs, plants, flowers, and trees of the area. This visit also provided an opportunity to explore the countryside, experience nature, and taste organic food and drinks.


 Looking Ahead


As we look forward to the next week, the final four days will be dedicated to physical installations and creative work in the garden. While the museum garden will not be fully restored yet, visualizations and several prototypes of proposed future urban equipment will be designed and installed.


Stay tuned for more updates as the REVIVE project continues to breathe new life into Tržič's historic town.

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