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Tržič, Slovenia
June 30th - July 14th, 2024 

Tržič, Slovenia, is a historical town on the border with Austria under the Alps-Karawanks Mountain range. The town was granted market rights in 1492. The town centre is protected cultural heritage since 1985.Leather, smith-craft, wood, and textile were important for the town for centuries and in industrialised times of former Yugoslavia. In recent decades, the town with population of 5,000 has faced substantial socio-economic decline and become a home to newcomers from the Balkans, recently prevailing Albanian speaking community. These days the town still provides home for several Ukrainian refugees’ families.The municipality is looking for innovative and more sustainable solutions to revive the historical centre, to promote the sense of place and explore potentials of empty municipal premises and open spaces tobe transformed into a common public living room embracing different generations and cultures into new stories. 


Several neglected atriums and backcourts of the 19th century main square, including the one behind the townhouse represent a core challenge of the creative transformation as part of this experimental project       


Objective: Visioning of an open derelict public space in heritage settings in Tržič, which stimulates and engages new generations and people from different cultural and social background into exchange and interaction (market, meeting point). The experiment will present how the historic location could be revived with new contents, also by creative design and piloting of green outdoor elements based on local materials, which could be used in future activities beyond the project.


Dana Lupan, ROM

Žana KorenjaK, SLO

Federica di Giambattista, ITA
Urban planning

Ela Leko, CRO
Textile design

Angelica Nanni, ITA
Urban planning

Angela Mazamoreno, SPA

Victor Perez, SPA

Blanka Ložić, CRO
Anthropology, Ethnology, History, Branding

Antun Jakob Bonča, SLO

Petra Carina, ROM

Aja Onuk, SLO
History, Sociology

Petriina Kiiskinen
Fine Arts

Neža Livk, SLO
Landscape architect

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