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Cellino Attanasio, Italy
May, 2025 

The late-mediaeval town in Abruzzo Mountain stands on a hill overlooking the valley of the Vomano river from the south, in the territory of the ancient Roman colony of Hatria. The oldest findings date back to the late Bronze age With about 2,500 inhabitants, it hosts, among other sites,The Fortified Borough of the 15th century, the Church and Convent of San Francesco and the Parish Church of Santa Maria La Nova, dated 14th century, with a beautiful portal and the tomb of duke Giovan Battista d’Acquaviva. The town is characterised from the presence of a significant material and non-material cultural heritage and hosts several farms operating in the agri-food sector (in particular, olive oil and wine). There are a remarkable number of civil society organisations active in the field of promotion of culture and arts, as well as qualified human resources with professional skills in creative sectors such as artistic crafts, music and digital that would help give the historic centre back the sense of place and more vibrant life. 


The project intervention will focus on a former unused theatre space in the historical centre, which will be converted in a multi-functional public multigenerational space available for creation, design and implementation of new arts and cultural contents to help revive community.

Objective: Creation of a vibrant and creative/art space in a former theatre in the historic centre of Cellino Attanasio, bringing together all generations, especially the young, to create and further valorise the town's cultural heritage.

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