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Historic Towns and Sites - sustainable and inclusive living spaces for future generations inspired by the New European Bauhaus

We believe in the power of historic towns and sites to inspire sustainable and inclusive living spaces for future generations. The project is inspired by the New European Bauhaus movement and co-funded through the Creative Europe programme. We are committed to addressing the challenges of declining historical towns and transforming them using the power of Cultural and Creative Industries.

Our goals

  • Developing and testing innovative sustainable and inclusive solutions for reviving old historical towns and sites based on intercultural and cross-sector experimentation inspired by cultural heritage.

  • Nurturing young creative talents and building competences for innovation and participatory co-creation based on sustainable principles.

  • Promoting cultural values, potentials and perspectives of declining historical towns as future sustainable and inclusive living places.

Our story

REVIVE project is the continuation of the REFRESH - Refreshing Heritage Sites and Legends project initiated in 2018 on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the REFRESH+, finalised in 2022.

The main aim was to explore ways to promote cultural heritage while at the same time, building capacities of young artists and strengthening international cooperation between cultural and educational sectors. 


Young artists different countries and of different cultural backgrounds came together to learn, share and reflect on intangible heritage, in particular legends and traditions in Romania and Slovenia. Through a facilitated process, multi-cultural teams of young artists elaborated co-creation strategies and produced new artworks/performances linking cultural heritage and different forms of art: theatre, music, dance, digital arts, film, video.

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Between November 2023 and October 2025, REVIVE will integrate knowledge and experience from six countries and cultures in a cross-sectoral approach, to explore the challenges of using cultural heritage as an inspiration, including young creative minds in enriching communities and experimenting with new living models, designs and approaches in declining historic towns and sites.


This will be achieved through physical and virtual experimentation in four selected specific urban sites, each facing their own challenges common to many cities, towns and villages across Europe: Tržič (Slovenia), Iași (Romania), Cellino Attanasio (Italy), Turku (Finland).

REVIVE is exploring topics of sustainability in heritage through living public spaces, digital technologies, arts and crafts and intercultural dialogue. Young talents who will be participating in the live experiments in four countries will be chosen on the basis of the open call, launching in January 2024. They will prepare for the on site work during the online bootcamps, while the general public will be invited to join the open capacity building online seminars on the above mentioned topics throughout the project. 


Association of Historic Towns, Slovenia


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